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I can say without a doubt that Pilates turned my life around. Here is why it works so well and why everyone should try it!

When I was 20 years old, after a very stressful year, I woke up one morning and was unable to stand up. I tried to lift out of bed and put weight on my feet, but the pain was so excruciating I had to crawl to the telephone to call an ambulance. I didn’t know pain like that existed!

At the hospital, the very unlikeable doctor commanded me to stand up. I couldn’t. But she wouldn’t leave me alone until I proved to her that indeed my body would collapse into a heap on the floor as soon as I tried to stand.

Without even receiving a diagnosis, I was sent home with strong painkillers. Over the next two months, my parents had to take care of me – even carrying me to the toilet! As a 20 year old, this was not something I enjoyed!

I tried various therapies, receiving some relief, yet I continued to have a deep pain in my lower back for another two years.

Then a friend of mine suggested I try Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist. After about 6 months, the pain disappeared. And even better, I developed an incredible body-awareness, which eventually helped me change my diet.


What is Pilates?

German-born Joseph Pilates developed this method, which he describes as ‘the art of controlled movement’. Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, balance, coordination, and developing a strong core. When done properly, Pilates can almost be a meditative form of movement, as one has to be so focused to stay connected with all of the above.

We have all heard by now of ‘the core’ or ‘powerhouse’, which consists of the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and hips. By strengthening and developing new neural connections – especially the deep stabilising muscles of these areas – we protect and support our spine and joints. A strong core improves posture and helps prevent injury.

In short, Pilates offers an amazing and holistic way of getting (and staying) fit.

The 6 Pilates Principles

When Joseph Pilates developed his method, he came up with 6 principles that play the biggest part in getting the most out of the exercises. These principles are partly why I fell in love with the Pilates method.

    As you concentrate on your breath and your movement, you calm your nervous system and truly inhabit your body, enabling you to experience body awareness at its best.

    According to Pilates, all power is derived from our centre (core) and our focus should always stay within that area as we move through the different exercises.

    Pilates’ method is based on muscle control. With proper control, you utilise the correct form and leave no part of your body unattended.

    It’s all about quality not quantity.

    Deep diaphragmatic breathing assists in calming the nervous system and helps to bring the focus inwards. In his book, Pilates wrote that breathing is the most integral part of exercise, and even if one follows no other recommendation, learning to breathe correctly is the most important thing.

  6. FLOW
    Pilates routines are completed through a gentle flow. One should aim to develop a certain fluidity and create smooth, even movements.


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